Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kent Catalyst Needs Chairs

From church-planter Jonathan Herron at the Catalyst in Kent, OH. Respond to

Hello Friends!

Good News - Our Grace Brethren church plant has just finished our massive renovations for new office/kids/outreach space. The Fellowship is now proudly represented squarely in downtown Kent!

We do need help with a small but important item: stackable chairs.

We are looking for 40 adult-sized stackable chairs for ministry use at the125.

We're hoping you might be able to help us by either:

- donating 40 chairs in good-shape directly to Catalyst Church (best case scenario!)
- donating $100 toward the $700 total cost of buying new stackable chairs from Sam's Club.

Can you help us in any way or point us to someone who might? Thanks for your consideration in this mission-based venture!


Blogger Kork said...

We bought stackable and decorative resin chairs (ya know, lawn furniture) when we began Still Waters.

They proved to be far more comfortable than the padded chairs from Sam’s or an office supply store, unbelievably sturdy (still using them today), and very light weight for moving them around and using them everywhere, including outdoors. Oh, and the best part... they were only a couple of buck per chair.

Now that we are at summers end, I’ll bet you could get 40 or so, for a song.


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