Friday, September 05, 2008

What??!! No Website? No Logo!!??!!

Here's a stimulating post from Chris Forbes. This is a short excerpt. Read the entire piece by clicking here.

Recently, I was in a church that is really connected to their community. The church has a positive reputation (brand). Their neighbors say about them, “There’s always something good going on at this church!” It’s a good ministry and many people are coming to Christ because of their outreach!

I’d love to show you their website. But they don’t have one. I would show you their logo—but, frankly, I hate it! They don’t have plasma screens, a coffee shop, or comfy chairs to sit in during the service either. All this aside, they have great church marketing!

The reason they have good ministry marketing is because they are not in love with their brand, they are in love with the Lord. Their outreach is working, not because they have branded sermons and use direct mail. (I am not even sure they use mail at all.) Their outreach works because they are focused on people, not their programs or their marketing image.


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