Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jim Brown Blogs from Goshen

Jim Brown, past moderator of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, and pastor of Grace Community Church, a Grace Brethren church in Goshen, Ind. has begun a new blog -- The Brown Bytes.

In his first entry, he writes about his experience at Momentum East, the annual Grace Brethren youth conference. To see the entire blog, click here.

God is up to something. This summer I had the opportunity to speak at Momentum Youth Conference in Ohio. God had laid on my heart to cry out for the orphans of our world. Going in to the service I took time to ask God to do something so big that the only way it could be explained was that he did it. I shared my desire with the Fee Band that was leading the youth in worship. We prayed and Steve shared that he felt like God was going to work through the teens.

I went in desiring that the teens would give $15,000 to feed starving children. Well we got to the end of the message, and there I stood with my faith on the line hoping that God would move. BOy did he ever move in the teen's hearts in fact the teens came unglued they bolted from their seats and gave and gave and gave. Many gave every nickle they possessed. The tally was totaled and $70,000+ came in. It was truly a move of God. In fact two orphanages were built and 100,000 meals were supplied. It is a night I will never forget.

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