Friday, September 12, 2008

Ten Ways to Prevent Embezzlement

Lifeway currently has a helpful post by Keith Hamilton on Ten Ways to Prevent Embezzlement of Church Funds. Here is an excerpt--to read the entire article click here.

Almost every other week I receive a message of another church that has had funds embezzled from God's House. The reasons are as varied as the person who has stolen from the church. Sometimes, the person steals because of a financial crisis in his own life or in the lives of immediate family members. On the other hand, the person might be stealing just for the fun of it.

It does not seem to matter what the age of the person who is embezzling money. I have had experience with teenagers to senior adults being involved in this crime. One factor seems to be constant in all the cases; church members were surprised that the person embezzled the funds because the church trusted the person.

There are several things every church needs to do to help prevent this terrible crime from happening to their church. The church must guard itself and help protect the church treasurer and other financial leaders from even a hint that embezzlement of church funds is possible.


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