Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Philiposian Moving from Uniontown to Union City

From the Tri-State website:

On February 25th, The DayStar Church in Union City, IN held a congregational meeting to consider the call for Pastor Nicholas Philiposian, who had candidated the week previous. The vote of the congregation was unanimous, and there was much excitement in looking forward to Nicholas and Charlene arriving.

Nicholas will remain in Uniontown, PA through the end of May, and begin his new ministry in Union City, IN the first week of June.

Pastor Randy and Dena Todd were the church planters that birthed this new work and now Nicholas and Charlene can build on the foundation that has been laid.

Continue to pray for this young church during this time of transition. Also pray for the Philiposians as they bring their ministry to a conclusion in Uniontown, and make plans to move to Union City (IN, or OH).

This past Sunday, February 25th, 2007, the DayStar Grace Brethren Church announced that their mortgage on their 12 acres of land had recently been paid off. While they are currently meeting in a storefront facility on the Indiana side of Union City, they purchased land a couple years ago on the Ohio side of town.

They have systematically paid on the mortgage each month until the $48,000 purchase price has been paid off. Their future plans include a multi-purpose facility that targets the youth of the Union Cities communities.


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