Friday, March 02, 2007

Update from Gary Austin

Here is an update from Pastor Gary Austin of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Grace Brethren Church, who is currently undergoing treatments for colorectal cancer:

We are in Stage One of Treatment - three days down, 25 days to go.

I had the "port" implanted right chest near collar bone on Wednesday afternoon. It took much longer than they had anticipated - and of course the longer something takes, the more pain to go with it!

Last time I told you I was not in the clinical trial I was being prepped for. What I didn't know then - but do know now - is that I will be on chemo seven days a week, 24 hrs/day.

I am attached to this IV tubing that is attached to a pump that is attached to a bag of 5-FU [short for "fluorouracil"] that's suppose to be "really good" with the radiation I'm having.

One side effect I've been dealing with is tiredness. I don't know if it's the chemo, if it's the radiation, or if it's the stress of driving in near blizzard conditions - but when we get home, I wind up taking a nap, up to eat, read a little, take another nap, wake up and read a little, dinner time, watch some TV, and then off to bed. This could make it interesting on Sundays!

Thank you for your continuing notes, cards, prayers, and expressions of concern. We know God has placed us here for a reason - part of that might just be so we would have great team as you are to be with us on this journey of cancer treatment.

God's blessings on you all.
Gary & Jean


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