Monday, February 19, 2007

Dave Mitchell Says 'Thanks'

Pastor Dave Mitchell of Hawaii, who underwent extensive heart surgery earlier this month, gives the following good report:
How can I say "thanks" ? I want to thank the surgeon and his team as they literally held my life in their hands just ten days ago.
I want to thank the nursing staff at the Trippler Army Hospital as they cared for my every need, but most of all I want to thank all of you who prayed and fasted for me before, during, and after my surgery and of course all glory and honor is given to the Great Physician who was really calling the shots.
God is so good...While I will always have to battle heart disease, my immediate prognosis is that I will recover back to normal, whatever that is..and if I really take care of myself I will probably have some time to watch my grandson, Jordan (8 Months) grow to know the Lord.
My recovery is from 4-8 weeks but praise God I am in the office today just after a little over a week.
This will be my last report concerning me. So with this I close by saying once again, Thank You !


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