Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Morning Update on Dave Mitchell

Monday morning update on Pastor David Mitchell (Hawaii) by Thomas Norris:

Dave is still doing well and getting better every day. He has been having some trouble with fluid in his lungs, but it seems to be a normal occurrence in this type of surgery recovery.

A lot of the pain is gone, except when he coughs or laughs. He seems to be in good spirits when I went to see him yesterday, but does not have much of an appetite. . . but I tried a taste of the food they are giving him and I really don't blame him for not wanting to eat.

All in all, I would say he looks good for a guy who just went through what he did and the doctors and nurses seem to agree that he is doing well. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery.

Also keep Betty Lou in those prayers. She has not gotten a good night's rest since the surgery and is very tired. Pray that God will give her rest and that she will have the energy to take care of Dave when he is back at home. . . which may be as early as Tuesday. Thanks again for the prayers, keep it up.


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