Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AGBM Elections Complete, Newsletter Coming

The Spring, 2007, edition of "Sharpening One Another," the paper-and-ink newsletter of the AGBM, is now at the press and will soon be in the mail. Here is one of the articles from the upcoming issue:
During the month of December, ballots were mailed to members of the Association. All ministers who were recorded as members on October 15, 2006, were qualified to vote.

About 33 percent of the members responded. Three officers and ten directors were slated on the ballot and all nominees were approved by large margins (95 percent or above). Thank you to Ann Myers (BMH) and Sandy Barrett (FGBC) for their help in counting the ballots.

Those elected are as follows, along with their terms of service:

Officers with three-year terms, 2007-09
President: Joel Richards;
Secretary: Dan White;
Treasurer: Bud Olszewski

Directors with three-year terms, 2007-09
Ken Bickel, Mark Saunders, Randall Smith, Randy Weekley

Directors with two-year terms, 2007-08
Doug Courter, Robert Fetterhoff, Robert Soto

Directors with one-year terms, 2007
Terry Daniels, Greg Howell, Ralph Molyneaux

The officers will begin making recommendations to the directors on February 15 each year. Using the Internet, the directors will discuss and vote on recommendations as they are presented or amended. Every month, they will receive a new set of questions to discuss. Their only face-to-face meeting will be held in the summer prior to the annual meeting of the corporation. At that time, they will formally review and affirm the decisions made throughout the year.

The election of a Board of Directors is a first step in developing a “pastoral ministry office.” No one person can open such an office. No single location in the country can possibly project its services to every pastor and church in the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. If the vision for a pastoral ministry office is to be realized, it will be as leaders in our association serve in the regions where they live and work.


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