Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bob Smoker Good-News Update

Here's the good-news update from Bob Smoker, via Jay Bell (pray for Jay and the group that's departing for Viet Nam tomorrow):

Traveler’s diarrhea with a bad reaction to doxycycline. That’s it.

The symptoms were similar to heart attack and with my family history and the fact that I have heart disease and had a bypass in 1993, they kept me overnight to run tests, one being a thallium stress test. Blood tests showed elevated numbers that indicated the possibility of pancreatitus and a possible blood clot in the lung.

Since I had just been on a long flight they did a CT scan that tested for both. Results of all tests were negative.

At one point while I was waiting for a test, it occurred to me how blessed I am to live in this great country. Where Jean & I were just one month ago most people would not have access to such medical care.

I am very much aware how blessed I am to be part of this wonderful spiritual family. Our Father is so good! Where Jean and I were a month ago most people do not know Him.

With grateful hearts,
Bob & Jean


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