Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Russ Ogden Recovering Well from Stroke

Pastor Paul Mutchler of the Lanham, Maryland, Grace Brethren Church, formerly pastored by Russ Ogden, recently sent his congregation this update on Russ’ health:

Pastor Emeritus Russ Ogden, pastor here from 1975 to 1993, suffered a stroke at his Indianapolis home Saturday night. Fortunately, Betty called 911 immediately, they took him for immediate treatment, and he was given aggressive medication within a three-hour window of his stroke.

The doctor told Betty there could be one of three responses to that treatment…1-no change…he suffered some loss of limb coordination, and some speech impairment, 2- steady, slow improvement, or 3-the “Lazarus” effect of immediate improvement within the 24-hour waiting period. Of course, we dedicated concentrated prayer for Pastor Ogden during our services Sunday.

Good News! “Lazarus Russ” has no apparent lingering effects, and all his follow-up tests have been very encouraging. He enjoys full limb coordination and speech, but is resting with some nausea and his neurologist is keeping him in overnight yet tonight, Monday, Jan 22. Betty is spending much time at the hospital with him, and praising God for his quick response to treatment.

Pastor Ogden led the church during the years we established Lanham Christian School K-8 (1977) and expanded the ministry to high school with the building of the Betty Ruth Ogden Education Building in 1987. Betty served as the first principal, and recruited our present headmaster of 18 years, Gene Pinkard. We purchased the Magnolia property under his leadership in 1983 as well.

Having served our congregation the longest of any of our pastors, 18 years, Russ was honored with the title “Pastor Emeritus.” Russ and Betty live in Indianapolis near their two daughters. Their son David is a pastor and a counselor in Florida, and a son Jim lives in Ohio.

Cards and notes of encouragement would do wonders for his recovery

Russ and Betty Ogden
7160 Larkshall Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Later news -- as of Wednesday evening, Russ says, "I came home Tuesday night with a few more medications and am recovering normally. I’ll probably cut down on my activities, but am otherwise all right."


Anonymous Silverfox64 said...

Get well Russ. I suffered a stroke this past July and have almost recovered completely. God was good to me and He is and will be to you...God bless,

Pastor Dave Mitchell

2:03 PM  

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