Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gary Austin Reports on Cancer Diagnosis

Gary Austin, who by his own account is “happily living and pastoring in Cedar Rapids, Iowa” at the Grace Brethren Church there, sends this health update.

Gary was was diagnosed recently with colorectal cancer. The surgeon who did the colonoscopy and biopsy strongly recommended we "get on it" without waiting. God opened some doors for us very quickly.

MANY people--from all over the country and world--started praying specifically for our need. Then God moved the "Medical Doors" in our community. I was able to get in to see an oncologist within one week, and today had a PET/CT scan to see what was the "nature of the beast."

The results were Good News and Bad News. The oncologist was all smiles as he looked over the scan results. The Bad News - yes, there is a growth in the rectum but it has not metastasized or spread out of the rectal area.

Therefore, the strategy is changing from chemotherapy first to doing surgery first, followed by radiation. I have an appointment with the surgeon this Friday [Jan. 26] at 3 pm. This is a consultation to determine the direction to go. This will be somewhat critical as it affects the surgery process called "resectioning."

The Iowa GBC pastors are meeting in Waterloo Friday pm. One of the things we are doing is an anointing service for Howard Johnson (pastor at Davenport, IA, also dealing with colon cancer), and myself. Then we're going to Famous Dave's for our "Christmas get-together"!

We would appreciate your prayers as we wait on God's grace to open the doors in a timely fashion, and then have the wisdom to know which is the best course of action to take. We would also ask you to pray for our children - Debbie and Jim Momeyer (in French language study in Albertville, FR), Mark and Julie in Coldwater, MI, and Jon & Daisy, in Chicago.

Thank you for being special friends.

Gary & Jean Austin
1440 Parkwood Dr. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
cell 319-431-6370


Anonymous Dave Mitchell said...

Gary, We will be praying for you here in Hawaii. I am sure God will give the doctors whatever wisdom they need to treat your situation. Isn't is such a great comfort to know that you are in God's hands ? I find great comfort in this as I will be having serious open heart surgery Feb. 8... There is no physcian like the "Great Physican".

God bless.

2:11 PM  

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