Monday, November 30, 2009

Pray for Steve Taylor, Hagerstown

The following urgent prayer request comes from Dr. Brent Sandy:

Steve Taylor (BS 94, MSM 96 from Grace), who was associate pastor with me in Roanoke and then followed me as senior pastor (Ghent church), has just learned that he has terminal cancer. He has been a hospice chaplain in the Hagerstown, MD, area for several years. Before that, he was vice-principal of a Christian high school. He’s married to Sue. They have no children.

A colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago led to immediate surgery, and they removed 8” of his colon. But the report from the oncologist is not good: his cancer is in stage 4 and has already spread to his liver. They will begin chemo, which may slow the progression of the cancer, but in most cases like his, life expectancy is 20 months.

Steve had cancer of the brain as a young child, from which God healed him. PTL! Let’s pray for another miracle of God’s grace.


P.S. His email is


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