Friday, September 25, 2009

Howard Immel Hospitalized With Heart Attack

Gary Austin, pastor at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, sent this e-mail early Friday afternoon, September 25. The Immels recently retired to the Warsaw/Winona Lake (IN) area after retiring from the pastorate in Iowa.

Dear Co-Workers in ministry,

One hour ago Howard Immel was flown from Kosciusko
Community Hospital, Warsaw, IN, to Lutheran Hospital, Ft.
Wayne, IN. He had had a heart attack earlier today while
working. At KCH he was experiencing extremely low blood
pressure and the start of kidney failure.

Please pray for Howard's recovery, for his wife June, and
for their daughter Lisa who is also experiencing some
serious issues that has put her in ER in Merriville, IN,
as well. Sons Karl (in PA) and Kirk (in OH) are traveling
to be with mom so pray for their safety.


Anonymous Dave Mitchell said...

Praying for you both...Let us know if we can be of help...

9:04 PM  

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