Friday, October 02, 2009

Larry Richeson Hospitalized

Jim Franklin, pastor of the Flora, Ind., Grace Brethren Church sent this message yesterday evening.

Pastor Larry Richeson of Indian Heights GBC has been admitted to Howard Community Hospital in Kokomo IN. His blood pressure is very high and the docs want to get it under control. Larry had some routine tests done today. Please pray for Larry and his wife, Norma.

Update: As of late this afternoon, Larry was scheduled to be discharged, pending lab results. Continue to pray for the Richesons during this time.

Update (October 7, 2009): Larry has reported all is well with his blood pressure, but when the doctors checked some other, unrelated, symptoms, it was revealed that he has a small tumor on his pituitary gland. At this time, it is believed it is not malignant, but will need to be removed non-surgically at some time in the future.


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