Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prayer Requested for Russ Ogden

David Ogden in Sebring, Florida, sends the following news and prayer request for his dad, Dr. Russ Ogden, who is a longtime Grace Brethren pastor including the Lanham, MD, Grace Brethren church which he pastored from 1975 until 1993.

The Ogdens would appreciate your prayers for my dad, retired Grace Brethren pastor Russ Ogden. He spent the night at an emergency room in Indianapolis -- Monday night / Tuesday morning.

They expect he had another T.I.A. ("mini-stroke") as he did a couple years ago. His speech was confused Monday evening and my mom called a neighbor (a male nurse who has been very helpful) to come over. He immediately drove them to the hospital.

By 8 a.m., when I spoke to my mom, Dad's thinking and speech had cleared up completely and the medical staff were preparing him for a precautionary M.R.I. before releasing him to go home.

Please pray for both my dad and my mom (they're both 84 -- until November 30, when my dad will celebrate his 85th birthday)


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