Thursday, December 11, 2008

Richards, Carmean Complete Africa Assignment

Grace Brethren pastors Jason Carmean (left) and Joel Richards (right) returned home from Africa on Friday, November 14. Richards, who is president of the AGBM and pastors in Modesto, Calif., originally was asked to attend the 50th anniversary of the African pastors' ministerial group. He accepted this assignment as a representative of the Association of Grace Brethren Ministers.

Since Richards was going to be in Africa, Dave Guiles, executive director of GBIM, asked if he would teach a class in the seminary. This would be the first class in what is now called the Aquila Project.

The Aquila project is designed for American pastors with a minimum of a master's degree to go and teach a course in the seminary. Before this project even had a name it was mentioned at the annual AGBM meeting in Florida.

Jason Carmean, who pastors in Lexington, Ohio, spoke with Fellowship Coordinator Tom Avey about this in September and agreed to go and be an apprentice while Richards taught. Currently, the plan is for Carmean to return in the spring of 09.

Joel and Jason would encourage any pastor to consider this awesome responsibility. Pastor Richards would sum it up this way: "Jason and I had the privilege of not only going to teach and minister in Africa, but to accompany lifelong missionary Eddie Messinger.

"Everywhere we turned Eddie was introducing us to one of his former student who are now pastors somewhere in the CAR. I am not sure if I will ever be able to return to this country but if I do, I am sure I too would meet men that I had invested in their ministry and education who were now faithfully serving the Lord.

"That is a pretty awesome thought!"

Pastors interesting in knowing more about teaching in African can learn more by clicking here.


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