Friday, December 05, 2008

Got the Post-Sermon Letdown?

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I Got the Preachin’ Blues

Chris Jackson Ministry Leadership - Preaching

Feeling discouraged after a sermon? You’re not alone.

Discouragement. It’s one of the greatest hounds of hell that assaults us pastors who are trying to share powerful, dynamic messages from God’s Word with our people every Sunday morning.

There’s a reason for the pastors’ adage of “no resignations allowed on Mondays”; post-preaching discouragement can be brutal as we review every nuance of the sermons we’ve so painstakingly crafted and delivered.

Sometimes I feel guilty for these feelings of discouragement. And when the next Sunday rolls around and I’m elated because I think I “hit it out of the park,” I feel guilty again and wonder how pure my motives are after all. Either I have personal issues, or there’s an enemy that opposes us every time we take our stand behind our pulpits and lecterns. I believe it’s the latter and that we’re vulnerable to his assault for several reasons.


Blogger Zach Doppelt said...

Interesting post! I would; however, encourage all of us to avoid the "dynamic" or "hit it out of the park mentality" this writer speaks of, and move toward an acceptance that it is solely about God and His word, and not about us.

Though I agree wholeheartedly that the enemy tempts us with discouragement, let us not forget that our our own prideful lust to perform like actors, great speakers or anything else contributes to those feelings just as much!

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