Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Triplehorn Book on Worship Now Available

Worship, the Golden Thread, a new 515-page paperback book on worship by Grace Brethren missionary Bruce Triplehorn, has just been released by BMH Books of Winona Lake, Ind., and was the focus of a public reception at the International Mission Center in Winona Lake this Wednesday afternoon, December 3.

Subtitled "weaving worship through the fabric of life," Worship, The Golden Thread is a masterful exposition of scriptural teaching on worship along with examples from real-life, including Triplehorn’s work in Brazil and his use of marriage as a metaphor.

In the preface, Triplehorn says, “The Scriptures are a history of God’s relationship with man through worship. Worship is the underlying theme of every page and the glue that ties its long history together.” It is the key, he says, that unlocks both the meaning of the Bible and also the foundation of God’s redemptive plan.

Stressing that the great men of the Bible were called into ministry in the context of worship, he declares that somewhere along the way, the church has lost the golden thread and has drifted into a tendency to divide the Christian life into the sacred and the secular. He invites believers to engage fully in what he terms “a life-attitude of worship” in which “the Lord’s people are called to be full-time priests, full time in the ministry, having been set free from the restraints of religion to worship God in spirit and truth.”

For use as a small group or study text, the book contains “Where to Start” suggestions and questions after each chapter. After discussing misconceptions about worship, Triplehorn reveals in successive chapters worship in truth, worship as a choice, and the transforming power of worship. The second part of the book focuses on the place of worship in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership in the church.

Worship has been Triplehorn’s passion for more than 20 years. He, his wife, Lisa, and their children have been serving with Grace Brethren International Missions in a ministry of leadership training and mentoring in Brazil for several decades. He was called to missions after a career in entomology, having earned a Ph.D. degree in that science. He previously taught at Liberty University in Virginia.

Dr. Tom Julien, executive director emeritus of Grace Brethren International Missions, says, “In spite of our Lord’s clear words in John 4:24, too many believers still associate worship with particular practices or places. Feelings of worship, rather than God Himself, too often become ends in themselves. For Bruce Triplehorn worship is knowing God, loving Him, and offering ourselves to Him in every circumstance of life, and it is the golden thread to be woven into the totality of our ministries. This is not another book of theory. The author’s teacher has been His Lord, as he and his wife have had to discover through worship that ministry is not what we do for the Lord, but what the Lord is able to do through us because we have learned to practice His presence and continually offer ourselves to Him. The reader will discover countless gems from the beginning to the end.”

The ISBN number for the book is 978-0-88469-309-3 and the retail price is $21.99. To purchase, log onto, call 1-800-348-2756 or obtain through any local bookstore. Call for quantity discounts.


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