Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off to Africa!

AGBM president Joel Richards (LaLoma Grace Brethren Church, Modesto, California) sent out his latest e-mail update to AGBM members. Here is one article:

It will only be days before I am in Africa, along with Jason Carmean and Eddie Mensinger.

For me this trip began with an invitation to represent the ministers in the United States at the 50th celebration of the ministerial group of national pastors in the Central African Republic. Eddie Mensinger is going to represent GBIM and Jason is coming along to help me teach in the seminary following the 50th celebration. Jason may go back again, to teach a week himself and, who knows, he may mentor one of you! Pray for us while we are gone. If you want to follow our ministry there you can - by going to my blog: jerichards.blogspot.com, or to Jason's by going to: pastorjasoncarmean.blogspot.com.

See you when we return!



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