Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jim Brown Blogs from Goshen

Jim Brown, past moderator of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, and pastor of Grace Community Church, a Grace Brethren church in Goshen, Ind. has begun a new blog -- The Brown Bytes.

In his first entry, he writes about his experience at Momentum East, the annual Grace Brethren youth conference. To see the entire blog, click here.

God is up to something. This summer I had the opportunity to speak at Momentum Youth Conference in Ohio. God had laid on my heart to cry out for the orphans of our world. Going in to the service I took time to ask God to do something so big that the only way it could be explained was that he did it. I shared my desire with the Fee Band that was leading the youth in worship. We prayed and Steve shared that he felt like God was going to work through the teens.

I went in desiring that the teens would give $15,000 to feed starving children. Well we got to the end of the message, and there I stood with my faith on the line hoping that God would move. BOy did he ever move in the teen's hearts in fact the teens came unglued they bolted from their seats and gave and gave and gave. Many gave every nickle they possessed. The tally was totaled and $70,000+ came in. It was truly a move of God. In fact two orphanages were built and 100,000 meals were supplied. It is a night I will never forget.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Buck Summers to Present People Seminars

Former Grace Brethren pastor Rev. Earl L. “Buck” Summers has been certified as an Associate Instructor in three people-related seminars by Walk Thru the Bible.

Summers, owner of Balanced Living Resources, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a counseling, consulting, and speaking service, is trained to present Solving the People Puzzle (personal relationships), Understanding The Love Of Your Life (marriage), and Building A Results Oriented Team (organizations). Each seminar is based on the DISC Personality Profile.

He recently attended training at Walk Thru the Bible Ministries’ international head- quarters in Atlanta, Georgia. “Walk Thru”, as it is known, is an international educational ministry whose goal is to assist local churches and community groups in the ministry of education. They are committed to a trans-denominational and trans-cultural ministry through the media of seminar events, literature and DVD curricula. Walk Thru works to form strategic alliances and partnerships with churches, key Christian ministry leaders, and community organizations.

Instructors continually present a variety of seminars which impact lives throughout the world. The organization is best known for the popular Walk thru the Old Testament and New Testament seminars. They have taught more people life-changing truths than any other Bible seminar organization, hosting more than two million participants in live seminars since 1976.

Summers, who has been counseling and training adults and teenagers in personal temperament for twenty years says, “These certifications are a God-given opportunity for me to assist people in successful living and relationships in various situations.”

He continues to explain, “Walk Thru’s materials will allow me to expand on my educational and professional experiences by helping the individual to better understanding himself or herself, as well as the people around them in family, friendships, social, and work environments. In assisting people with understanding how they are ‘wired’, I have seen hundreds of individuals enthusiastically identify their personal strengths and weaknesses in order to work at living a more positive life. This discovery has a dramatic effect on personal development, life management, marital enhancement, workplace relationships, and career development, to name a few. It is exciting to see a person’s response when the ‘light comes on’ as they discover why they and others think and act the way they do.”

For additional information and scheduling, Buck may be reached at (717) 261-1455, or by email at

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Q&A with the Austins

From today's (August 13) Cedar Rapid, Iowa Gazette:

By Pat Shaver
The Gazette

Gary Austin and his wife Jean have lived on Parkwood drive for four years. They moved to the area from Indiana because Gary got a job as a Pastor at the Grace Brethren Church in Cedar Rapids.

About a year and a half ago, Gary was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He is now clear, but said there were some rough times, and his neighbors were there to help.

"The guys were just incredibly helpful in taking care of stuff," Gary said.

He spent two months in the hospital and said his neighbors helped plow the driveway and mow the lawn. Gary is back to mowing the lawn again.

"Mowing the grass is a sign that I can manage," he said.

The Austins have three children, one in Illinois, another in Michigan and the other in Cameroon, Africa.

Gary has been a pastor in Indiana, Colorado, Michigan and now Iowa. He has also taught at a Christian School.

Gary was born in California and has lived in quite a few places, but he said his parents lived in Iowa and his roots are here.

"We feel like we belong," he said.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Goshen Church Obtains 'Next Gen' Pastor

From the Goshen, Indiana, News, By Rod Rowe, Goshen News, Ind.

Aug. 10--Jeremy Byng has joined the staff of Grace Community Church, Goshen, and will serve as the "Next Gen" pastor, as the church begins a new ministry to reach out to residents ages 18 to 28.

"We want to reach out and get connected" to this group that has not been reached by the traditional church, Byng said during his first week on the staff.

Florida native

Byng is a native of Sebring, Fla., and completed his studies at Grace College Seminary. He and his wife, Ginger, and their 5-year-old daughter Lilli plan to move here soon.

Byng will serve as worship leader in "The Link," a new 30,000 square-foot addition to Grace Church on C.R. 36 at C.R. 21. "The Link" is set for dedication on today.

The new sanctuary in The Link has an industrial look, with chain link fencing and metal decorations, but includes a coffee shop, electronic gaming areas, stage and professional-style lighting.

Service simulcast

A screen may be used to simulcast the Sunday message from Lead Pastor Jim Brown, who will preach in the nearby sanctuary, or sometimes switch places and the simulcast will be in the main sanctuary.

The second story of The Link is a youth area, with several classrooms for youngsters and early teens.

Byng said he enjoys music, plays the guitar and "anything with strings." He also enjoys outdoor sports, soccer and has been told his ideal activity would be skateboarding while hunting. He has yet to visit Goshen's skateboard park at Rogers Park, but says "I'm sure I'll be there.

"I love kids and look forward to working with this generation that needs Christ, needs his love and grace," Byng said. "This church loves people because they love God."