Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lititz Seeks Children's Ministry Director

Director of Children’s Ministry

Grace Church of Lititz PA. We are looking to fill this full time position to give oversight to our children’s ministry (Nursery – 6th Grade) and to the Staff and volunteers of this ministry.

We are a Church of 1600 in attendance and have 400 children in our Children’s Ministry. This position will serve under our Executive Pastor Tim Auld and give direction to the children’s ministry team while providing a comprehensive plan for this ministry in line with the Church’s overall vision plan and direction.

This plan must include a workable discipleship model that has tangible goals set for the future of this ministry that works toward providing a discipleship continuum that flows from children’s ministry, to student ministry right into our Adult small group ministry.

Position Summary

Director of Children’s (DOC) position will oversee and build a Children’s Ministry team of staff and volunteers. Also develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy, providing resources, training and encouragement to staff and volunteers.

The DOC must ensure that ministry staff adheres to the Child Protection Policies and develop ministry discipleship goals and vision in line with the purpose and mission of Grace Church. Give oversight to our Elevate Program, Club 56 and Early Childhood Director including special events. Also develop programs designed for evangelism encompassing our level 1-6 events.

If interested contact Dennis Hummer –

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Pray for Andy Wirt's Wife, Tricia

According to the latest e-newsletter from the North Central Ohio district, Andy Wirt, ClearView Church (New Albany) church planter, asks us to pray for his wife Tricia as she undergoes treatments for thyroid cancer (Wirt family pictured).

This challenge impacts the family and the launch schedule for ClearView Church. Pray for Andy, Tricia, and their children as they go through this time of testing. You can see more about the Wirts and the ClearView Church launch by clicking here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lititz Church Seeks Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Grace Church of Lititz, Pa is looking for a finance manager.

"As Grace Church looks to the future, we stand on the brink of launching our five year vision plan which will require strong and sound financial insight as our overall ministry strives to continue being good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us." (Pastor Scott Distler).

Interested parties should send a resume to Mr. Barry Brooks, 7 Irvin Drive Lititz, PA, 17543

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Darrell Anderson Has Heart Valve Surgery

Please pray for pastor Darrell Anderson (pictured) of the Delaware, Ohio, Grace Brethren church, who had aortic heart valve replacement surgery today. Darrell is the counseling and pastoral care pastor at the Delaware church.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Betty Gregory Recovering From Liver Transplant

Betty Gregory had successful surgery and is now in intensive care. John and the family have spoken with Betty off and on throughout the night and the doctors are happy with her progress.

The doctors took her breathing tubes out and they also took an ultra-sound on her new liver and everything looks good. John wanted to thank everybody for their prayers and asked for continued prayers for Betty. They don't know how many days she will be in there but it could be 9-11 days depending on her progress.

North Shore Receives Purchase/Sale Agreement


I wanted to give you a quick update on our potential property. We have received the purchase and sale agreement… our lawyer has it and we are awaiting word… as I write this the architect is taking his measurements and we are hoping that in the next couple of days…

The first big step is taken… following that step we will have 30 days to receive approvals from town and Lord willing we will close in 60 days. Praise the Lord with us as we rejoice in the forward motion and continue to pray as we await all the details to come together.

Pastor Jack Brown
North Shore Bible Church
Essex, Massachusetts

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Study Shows Denominational Loyalty Not Much of a Factor

This is an excerpt from a longer piece. To read the entire article, click here.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (ANS) -- A new survey shows that seven out of ten regular churchgoers would be at least somewhat open to switching denominations, with dramatic differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

The findings are from a study by Ellison Research among a representative sample of 1,007 American adults.

According to a news release from Ellison, respondents who attend worship services once a month or more were first asked the specific denomination of the church they attend most often (for example, not just “Baptist,” but “Southern Baptist,” “Free Will Baptist,” etc.). Then they were asked what role that denomination would play if they could no longer attend their current church (if the church closed or if they moved to another area, for example).

Ellison reported that three out of ten churchgoers said they would only consider attending one denomination – they would not be open to anything else. Another 44 percent reported having one preferred denomination, but said they would also consider others.

Eleven percent of respondents, Ellison said, had a small number of denominations they would consider, with no particular favorite among them. Six percent didn’t have any particular denomination they preferred, but they did have certain ones they would not consider. Nine percent said denomination was not a factor in their church attendance.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Betty Gregory Enroute to Liver Transplant Operation

Please be praying for John and Betty Gregory of the staff of the Grace Brethren church in Columbia City, Indiana. Betty has been ill with a failing liver for some time and has been awaiting word that an organ is available for transplant.

That news came this morning, and they have a four-hour window to respond. So John and Betty are enroute to Indianapolis in a snowstorm and on treacherous highways in Indiana due to winter weather.

Please pray that they are safe, that the transplant is successful, and that Betty's health will be restored without organ rejection or complications.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jim Murray Begins Internship at Aiken, SC

Pastor Ron Thompson sends along the following:

The Grace Brethren Church, 144 Talatha Church Road, in Aiken, South Carolina (Steve Taylor, pastor), is pleased announce Mr. Jim Murray of Columbia, SC, as pastoral intern in the area of youth ministries.

Mr. Murray has spent most of his childhood in Aiken. He will graduate in May with a Master of Divinity degree in pastoral counseling from Columbia Biblical Seminary in Columbia, SC. He is married to the former Ashley Wojtowicz of Aiken and they are the parents of Margo Murray. (see photo).

Mr. Murray has had previous experience in ministering to youth and college age students, and anticipates using those skills and experiences in working with Pastor Soule in the area of local church youth and family ministries. Jim says, "I'm excited about this ministry and this opportunity for growth in pastoral skills."

See a local news article about Mr. Murray by clicking here.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Pray for Ned Denlinger's Son-in-Law

The following note was included in the Tri-State District Update from Ned Denlinger. Ned is pastor of the Grace Brethren church in Mason, Ohio (Cincinnati area) and coordinates communication for the Tri-State district.

Today is the second day of two-day Prayer and Fasting time for my son-in-law Joel, and my daughter Kristen. Joel has been struggling with lymphoma for the past year. He is having some critical tests done today that determine in a large way his future treatments.

You can sign up for empty 15-minute prayer slots on The address for Joel's Caringbridge site is there as well if you'd like to get regular blog updates from him. I'm heading over to Indy now to be with them as they start these tests.