Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Message From the AGBM President

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We just came off a good conference. I know for a fact that the weather was great! It could have been much worse. Also, I am fairly certain that our moderator, Keith Shearer, had to be pleased with the combination of speakers and their messages.

It was amazing to me how God orchestrated some things in my own life to speak again to specific needs and issues. God is awesome.

For those of you who attended our daily AGBM meetings, thanks. In spite of the need to deal with the by-laws we had some good fun and fellowship. I got to know some of you a little better and had discussions with many that were very rewarding.

For those who couldn’t attend, please follow the electronic trail to both the memorials and the award presentations. The three men receiving awards this year were obviously qualified.

I find it a challenge as I listen to how they have served the Lord. Is there a trail of men behind me in ministry? Have I been faithful? Have I used my gifts? These men are an example to us all.

Well, visit again. We are working diligently to stay current and be of service to you. If you haven’t done so already, please check out the new AGBM blog. It will be worth your time.

Don’t forget your calling! Fan the flame of the gifts God has given you.

Pastor Joel Richards
LaLoma Grace Brethren Church
Modesto, California


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