Thursday, August 17, 2006

Darrell Anderson Surgery Goes Well

Today was the "bypass repair" open heart surgery for Darrell Anderson (pictured), pastoral care and counseling pastor at the Delaware, Ohio, Grace Brethren church.

The good news, just received from NCO coordinator Todd Scoles, is: "I just got a call from Pastor Brian who was with the family this morning as they awaited news from Pastor Darrell's surgery. Everything went according to schedule.

"The surgery started at 7:30 and lasted for four hours. They repaired the three by-passes from 20 years ago and the doctors said there were no surprises. Everything went as expected.

"He will be in the hospital through Sunday or Monday but please refrain from visiting until we let you know that he is able to have visitors. The best thing we can all do now is to pray for his quick and complete recovery. Irene and the family wanted you to know how much they have appreciated your prayers."


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