Monday, August 21, 2006

Darrell Anderson Continues to Recover

Here's the update on Pastor Darrell Anderson, as of this past Friday. Anderson, an associate pastor at the Delaware, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church, is recuperating from heart surgery.

Irene was able to see Pastor D around noon today and she said he was just so excited to see her and so talkative. He wanted to know everything that had happened.

She said he is getting excellent care and has great doctors. He is still in the intensive care unit on the heart floor as a precautionary measure because he has had an irregular heartbeat. He should be able to move to a room tomorrow but we will let you know when he is ready for visitors.

Once again she wants you all to know how very grateful they are for your prayers. We can pray for a steady rhythm to develop in Pastor D's heart, for health and strength for Irene, and for God to be glorified in each step of the healing process.

We can also rejoice in all that He has already done!


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