Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steve Mitchell Health Update

The following note is from Dave Mitchell, father of Steve Mitchell, who is pastor of the Garden City Grace Brethren Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Earlier the family had requested prayer when Steve was diagnosed with a form of leukemia, and this is an update.

I am sending this to those who have asked how my son Steve is doing with his leukemia.

Up until this blood test today we thought things were doing pretty well, but the test today revealed that his white cell blood count had gone from 66,000+ to over 91,000+. He goes back to the cancer doctors Sept. 10 and if the count is still up, then the next step will be a round of fairly hard chemo and if that doesn't put it in remission then a bone marrow transplant will be the possible consideration. The count could drop back into the 60's, but there is no way to tell until the test is given again.

How to pray? Well of course we'd like to see God heal Steve of this disease, but if it comes to taking chemo pray that Steve will be able to physically endure the effects and that it might work and put this in remission.

If the count goes down then it will give him some time before he eventually has to take treatments. Both he and Supriya are really trusting the Lord and it doesn't seem to affect them as much as it does his mom and me, but we are all trusting God's will and that all that happens will bring glory to God.

We, the Mitchell family, want to thank all of you who let us know that you are praying for Steve and his family. We truly love you and are thankful for all of us being a part of God's family.


Blogger Zach Doppelt said...

We are praying for the family! I appreciate Steve's friendship and we are here for you guys!

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