Friday, July 30, 2010

Update on Seth Wirt

Please continue to pray for the recovery of Seth Wirt, the seven-year-old son of Ohio ClearView church planters Andy and Trish Wirt from a home accident in which a couch fell on Seth and injured his face. Here is an update from Seth's father, Andy, at the two-week marker after the accident:

Two Weeks After...

My heart is full of thanks to so many of you who have posted notes, sent inquiries, called, visited, e-mailed, etc. to ask how Seth is doing. Thanks so much for your care and concern for our boy. One thing that has been such a blessing for Trish through this whole trial is to see how many people love Seth with us.

Please forgive me for being remiss in not responding sooner to notes asking for an update on Seth. I can't believe how busy the last two weeks have been. We've had overnight guests most of this time, have completely (that is probably impossible...but we sure have tried!) safety-proofed the basement where our kids play, spent more time at the hospital with Seth's surgery, etc. I've found that it was much easier to write when it was just Seth and me at the hospital. I could update Facebook and send e-mails while he was sleeping, etc... but now that we're back to more of reality... I can't keep up. Thanks for your patience. :)

Anyway- I continue to marvel at the sheer strength and resilience God has infused into Seth. I really believe it is miraculous. I thank God for it. Since the second day in the hospital, the only pain medication Seth has had are two doses of Tylenol (after surgery). My kid with a fractured nasal structure, stitches, swelling- the kid who had a 2-hour surgery on Tuesday- etc. keeps saying, "Why would I complain- I don't have any pain". I don't get it- except that God has taken it away and is giving him strength.

I'm also proud of Seth for his attitude. If he were to express himself, I think he would say that the toughest part of this whole journey is that his summer is completely interrupted. Due to the fracture between his nasal bone and his skull- he is at an increased risk for meningitis if he were to get an infection. This means no pool (dirty public places), etc. until almost when school starts (6 weeks from accident). He also can't run, jump, wrestle with Dad and his brother, etc.- all the stuff that a boy thrives on.

Fortunately, Seth loves crafts, art, Lego's, etc. so he has some things to keep him busy. Thanks to so many of you that have dropped off games or art supplies or Legos or video games- he has plenty to keep him busy. Although he has shed some tears at not being able to participate in some things Silas gets to do, Seth has had a real good attitude about his limitations. I know he is working hard to "see the glass half full" (my words).

Other physical stuff- Seth came through his surgery (last Tuesday- July 13) with flying colors. The Ocular surgeon installed a stint (small plastic tubing) in his left eye to try and allow the crushed tear duct there to heal. This will be taken out in 6 weeks (Seth doesn't know it is there yet- don't tell him! :) But, if you see him, look closely and you will see it (medical technology is amazing!). Praise God- the right one is functional and Dr. Foster felt it would heal on its own.

Following Dr. Foster, Dr. Tiwari (plastic surgeon) adjusted fractured bones in Seth's nose to try and reform proper alignment. He also opened up the wound on Seth's outer nose (skin) where a patch of skin about the size of a dime is missing. He placed a bandage and splint over this that is to stay on for a week (we go on Weds. to get it out). His counsel is that the skin will heal better on its own here than it would with stitches.

We feel very good about Seth's progress. His sense of taste seems to be back. He cannot smell (please pray for restoration). The scar above is right eye seems to be healing nicely. He seems to be dealing with these challenges pretty well emotionally. Our concerns now lie in how his nose will heal- inside and out. Please pray that the nasal bone will re-fuse with the skull quickly and well.

Please pray that the surgery would hold (Dr. Tiwari said that 50% of the time it is necessary to do a more serious surgery because a surgery like Seth had does not hold up over time). We're praying that this one sticks! :) Also, because we can't see how his nose is healing (scar/skin wise), we don't know what is happening there. We are asking God for grace to help Seth accept whatever is happening when we see the progress as the bandages are taken off in a few days.

Thanks so much for praying for Seth. God has been very good to us. He has given us grace and extended so much protection and healing to Seth. He has shown Himself and His love in so many wonderful ways through so many people. Our family has been overwhelmed with God's grace expressed through people that have shown love to us in so many ways. Thank you.


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