Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayer Requested for Kentucky Accident Victims

Chris Jacobson, wife of John Jacobson, who is associate pastor at The Happy Church in Jackson, Kentucky, has been in a serious accident. Here is the prayer request from Happy Church pastor Mike Tabor:

Chris Jacobson, pastor John’s wife, and a 13 y.o. girl with Chris were in a head-on collision on hwy 15 near Jackson. The girl is in the air as I type being transported by helicopter to U.K. Chris will be going to the ER shortly but appears pretty well at present. There were two more vehicles involved with very serious injuries.

Please pray for all involved.

Pastor Mike Tabor

Happy Church


The latest as I know it @ 1:32 a.m.

Just got home from the E.R. where Chris Jacobson had a cat scan and x-rays. She is battered and bruised but no apparent life threatening injuries or broken bones.

The 13 y.o . girl that was with her is in surgery at U.K. in critical condition but I will not release more info until I speak with the parents. She is by far the worst injured of all involved.

The driver at fault is a middle aged lady that was virtually unscathed though her car was utterly destroyed (this car and Chris’ van are crushed from the high speed head on). This lady was apparently driving impaired and is to be charged with DUI 4th offense and reckless endangerment (as I understand the situation at present) as her 8y.o. child was with her. The child was in the back seat in a seat belt and thankfully was not seriously injured.

From what we “know” at the present is that the DUI lady apparently was travelling at a high rate of speed around a corner and went left of center side swiping the car in front of Chris (the DUI lady was heading south and the other cars north). Chris swerved left to miss it but the DUI lady swung back toward her own lane and the cars collided head on.


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