Monday, June 14, 2010

Louisville Institute Invites Applications for Pastoral Study Project Program

From the Philanthropy News Digest:

The Louisville Institute is accepting applications for its Pastoral Study Project Program.

The program offers pastoral leaders the opportunity to engage in thoughtful study and inquiry about issues related to Christian faith and practice, religious institutions, and/or the practice of ministry. The program seeks to create opportunities for pastoral leaders to develop and share their wisdom on important issues for Christian life and practice today, and thus extend their leadership in ways that can benefit both church and society.

Project awards are granted in amounts of up to $15,000. The study period may vary according to the needs and availability of the applicant. Possible options include an extended period fully away from work, designated days each week or month away from work (in addition to regular days off), designated part-days off, or periodic blocks of time off. Grant monies may be used in many ways, such as purchase of books, research material and equipment, room and board, salary replacement, convening collaborators, supply ministry, and travel. Grant funds may not be used for tuition or other costs incurred in any degree program.

All pastoral leaders — currently employed in ecclesiastically validated ministries, and ordained ministers not currently employed in ministry — who wish to pursue a project of relevance to the ongoing life of the church and practice of ministry are eligible to apply. Grants are restricted to pastoral leaders of Christian institutions in North America.


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