Friday, May 28, 2010

Praying for Jack & Christine Brown's Daughter, Luisa

From AGBM president Joel Richards:

Urgent Prayer Request from Jack & Christine Brown at North Shore Bible Church in Essex MA.

Luisa is Jack and Christine's daughter. She will be 27 in August and lives in Florida.

She was hospitalized at the beginning of the month with extremely high temps and
acute pain. They determined that she had an enlarged spleen and pneumonia
(probably a result of the enlarged spleen, which caused difficulty breathing).
They have been trying to figure out what is going on ever since.

Luisa is having a bone marrow biopsy this morning.

The biopsy is to determine if she has Hodgkin's-lymphoma. They've already ruled out

Please join me in praying for her. Thank you for your faithful prayers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luisa saw the dr today and we thank God for the best results we could have anticipated... the biopsy was negative... spleen is still tender but has gone down in size... her white blood cells are good... she has been cleared to return to work and will return to the doctor in one month to keep an eye on the spleen... Thanks for all your prayer and support. And thanks be to God for His gracious healing of our daughter.

Thank you all for your prayers!


9:44 PM  

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