Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pray for Trotwood Pastor Chuck Lawson

Your prayers are encouraged for Pastor Chuck Lawson of the Trotwood, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church. Here are excerpts from several messages he has sent to his congregation and colleagues.

Following about a three-week evaluation after discovery of a tumor on my neck by means of blood work, X rays and doctor consultations, I have had a workup that confirms that I have cancer. I have been advised that it is very treatable. I thank the Lord for this.

I am committed to the Lord in all of this - I truly am grateful that the Lord did for me/us what we could not do for ourselves. He has provided redemption for us to receive as a gift. I have confidence that I am ransomed by Christ.

A circle of family, friends, and my church family have come around me and overwhelmed me with a sense of love and support that is beyond belief. God has given me this assignment and I want to be a good soldier for His Glory. I thank you so much.

My first Chemo will be next Monday, April 12. It will be about a five-hour session. Some of it is instruction about the four drugs that will be mixed for my treatments. I will have a treatment every two weeks for 12 sessions (present schedule) it will be for about six months. My prayer request is that it will cure the cancer and make it possible to recover. I will keep you up to date.


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