Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jerry Young to Begin Chemo/Radiation Treatments

Jerry Young, ministry director for the Association of Grace Brethren Ministers, recently had a major operation and is battling cancer from his home in Tucson. The following post on his CaringBridge site by Jerry's wife, Loreen, gives an update:

We saw the oncologist yesterday and the next phase will begin in about three weeks. They put a port in the chest and we will have to go to the hospital five days a week to receive the non-toxic chemo/radia‚Äčtion treatments and that will last about five weeks. These are very brief each day but it is a 40 minute drive to the hospital so that will wear him out. Plus the side effect is fatigue which he already has but it could be much worse so I am encouraged.

After that another phase will begin and that will take place at the closer hospital, 20 minutes away. Yesterday is the first time he said I feel stronger today so that was good to hear. This whole process is extremely slow and can get discouragin‚Äčg but God is helping us get through this whole process.

On another note, we are looking to sell the RV and truck, anyone interested? When we started our summer travels, Jerry told the Lord that we will travel as long as we have the finances and the health and now the health is gone so he is taking that as a sign that we need to discontinue the traveling. I am sad about that as we both loved doing that but we are heading into another phase of our lives.

Love you all. Thanks for reading and praying.


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