Saturday, July 03, 2010

New Holland Seeks Associate Pastor

Grace Family Churc
h, New Holland, (Lancaster County) PA is looking for a quality candidate to serve as a full-time Associate Pastor. His primary responsibility will be to actively guide and develop existing ministry teams while also helping to form and establish new ministry teams that will help the church fulfill its mission.

Special emphasis will be given to the further development of our family ministries, which seeks to help the church effectively partner with parents in nurturing their children’s faith. The Associate Pastor will serve in team with the Senior Pastor in the overall Pastoral leadership of the Church and will help to develop our volunteer leaders to enable the congregation’s ministry teams (including children and youth) to effectively touch our community for Christ.

A strong collegial relationship with the Senior Pastor is envisioned where through regular, weekly communication and planning, the overall needs of the church will be discerned and strategies developed to respond. While there are key areas of responsibility as outlined below, a broad engagement with the overall mission of the church needs to be embraced.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES (with assistance from the Senior Pastor)

(A) Ministry Team Development
Assist existing Ministry Teams in order to help them grow in their effectiveness, while working with the leadership to develop and implement additional Ministry Teams (e.g. small groups) that will help our church accomplish its purpose.

(B) Family Ministry
Develop and implement “orange” strategies (see: “”) designed to help the church effectively partner with parents as the prime faith nurturers of their children, while helping new families connect and integrate into the life and ministry of our church family.

(C) Student & Children’s Ministry
Provide guidance and support to the volunteer leaders of our Student and Children’s ministries; discerning (with others) where these ministries need to be developed and giving leadership to evaluation, goal setting and strategic development.

(D) Administrative & Publication Tasks
Helping to develop and refine policies that will assist our church in its desire to be more effective, while also contributing to the design and publication of resources and materials that will keep our church family informed and challenged.

SECONDARY RESPONSIBILITIES (providing assistance to the Senior Pastor)
(a) Vision and Strategy Development
Assisting the Senior Pastor in developing and communicating the mission and vision of our church, along with the various strategies required to implement a united, deliberate ministry strategy.

(b) Preaching Preparation
Periodically assisting the senior pastor in fulfilling preaching opportunities as necessary. The pulpit ministry will continue to be one of the Senior Pastor’s primary responsibilities.

(c) Personal Counseling
Increasingly working with the Senior Pastor to provide sound, biblical counsel to those in crisis or seeking spiritual input or practical advice through personal counseling.

(d) Congregational Care and Contacting
Giving input and assistance to the Senior Pastor in communicating with our church family and providing genuine care through intentional life development and responding to specific needs.

Interested individuals should send a resume to: or mail to
Grace Family Church, Attn: Board of Overseers, 415 S Kinzer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557.


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