Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tony Webb Transitioning to Full-Time Church Planting

Tony Webb, who for many years has been at Southwest Grace Brethren Church in Grove City, Ohio, has also been leading a church-planting initiative and now has sent the following letter to his fellow pastors:

A Letter from Tony Webb

I hope you are enjoying your ministry in the Lord Jesus in this New Year! I am writing to inform all of my dear brothers in ministry of a transition in which I believe the Lord has directed Cathy and me. I am in the process of moving my role as director of VisionOhio to a full time status. I am finishing my ministry as Sr. Pastor of Southwest Grace effective January 31, 2010.

I believe the need for new Grace Brethren churches planted is of utmost importance. In light of our day’s need to get the gospel to so many lost people, I believe church planting is the most effective way to get this accomplished.

My full time role as director of VisionOhio does have a unique bend in it. In addition to regular oversight of VisionOhio and the new churches with whom we are connected, it is my goal for Cathy and I to plant churches in the Greater Columbus area ourselves. I am working to establish 3 Gatherer/Shepherd/Pastor (GSP) type church plants here in our area.

We already have one underway in the Polaris area; while I am working at cultivating another GSP in the greater Lancaster area (we will see what God wants here with this one). I believe I have capacity for one more of these and hope to have it nailed downed by the end of the summer or early fall, if not sooner.

Thanks so much brothers,

Tony and Cathy Webb


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