Thursday, January 14, 2010

SoCal Pastors Study Footwashing

Pastor Roy Halberg of the Alta Loma (CA) Grace Brethren church reports on a southern California ministerium meeting this week in which one of the pastors at the Seal Beach Grace Brethren Church, Bob Wriedt, presented a paper on footwashing. Here are Roy's comments and a link to Bob's blog and paper:

"Today's ministerium was great!! Much thanks to Bob Wriedt for his presentation.

"Several have asked for a copy of Bob's paper on footwashing that was shared in today's meeting. You'll find a link to his blog below where he has posted the content of his paper. If you missed his presentation today you also missed the "after conversation" where several shared their journey with footwashing and their church's current practice of our three-fold service of communion. I wish that we'd had another hour for that conversation . . . it was great too.

"Here's a link to the text to Bob's paper."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cannot find any quotes or footnotes from FGBC scholars and theologians. Interesting.

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