Sunday, January 17, 2010

Richard McCarthy Health Update

The following information is edited from several e-mails from Lee McCarthy, whose husband, Dick, is a former Grace Brethren pastor. The first posting is from August.

Dick and I have moved to the Grace Brethren Village in Englewood, OH. Dick is in a wheelchair. Last year he had his aortic valve replaced and in June he had a stroke that affected mostly his right leg. Now this year in June he had two stents put in his older heart grafts. Praise the Lord he's here in our cottage, and we like the nice atmosphere. There is a nursing home available
here, too.

The Lord sold our house for us, the closing is Monday. The first contract failed because the buyer lost his job, but the second one has sailed through. Our address is 1010 Taywood Rd., Cottage 404, Englewood, OH 45322.

This posting is new: Dick's been in the hospice one week now. The family's all here. The two grandsons from Colorado must go back tomorrow morning for work and college. Cindee and Tim from Germany got here real quickly. The Red Cross helped the military (Tim's a civilian with the army.) Dick is still talking or whispering with us and is in good spirits.

Thanks for your prayers.



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