Thursday, April 10, 2008

Send Christian Your Input on Brethren History, Impact

As we approach the 300th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Brethren movement this summer (1708, Alexander Mack, Schwarzenau, Germany), the FGBC is being invited to join with other Brethren groups in some joint commemorative activities.

Christian Becker, pastor of our Grace Brethren church in Buena Vista, Virginia, has agreed to represent us on a joint panel with several other Brethren groups. He would welcome your ideas on how he can best answer the three questions posed by the three panels.

Please forward any of your responses to these questions or suggestions to Christian at If you have questions about the Encyclopedia Project, or the anniversary celebrations being held this summer in Schwarzenau, forward them to Terry White (BMH) at

At the joint 2008 joint Annual Conference of The Brethren Church and the Church of the Brethren on Sunday, July 13, a panel is being planned which would involve at least one representative of each of the six Brethren bodies that comprise the Brethren Encyclopedia project.

Three panels are being planned around three questions as follows:

45 minutes beginning at 1:30 with Jeff Bach as the moderator:

How does your Brethren group embody the heritage of the Schwarzenau movement?

45 minutes beginning at 2:30 with Brian Moore as moderator:

From within your faith heritage, what do you see your Brethren body carrying into the future?

45 minutes beginning at 3:30 with Brenda Colijn as moderator:

What distinctive qualities do you bring to the Brethren witness?


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