Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gordon Austin Recovering From Heart Attack

Your prayers will be appreciated for the recovery of former Grace Brethren International Missions employee Gordon Austin, who suffered a heart attack Saturday while working on the grounds of the Winona Lake (IN) Grace Brethren Church, and is currently in Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Gordon, who served many years in audio-visual ministries with GBIM served with his wife, Charlotte, and family as a missionary in Argentina before coming to Winona Lake to work in the home office of GBIM.

Austin has had several stents inserted, and will likely have several more before being released from the hospital, hopefully sometime this coming week.


Anonymous Dave mitchell said...

Praying for you Gordon..Us heart patients have to stick together. Rest assured God is at work..I had two heart attacks thay know of ... valve replacement and two by passes in Feb o7 and three stents in 2001. I am doing fine and lifting weights at the gym, something I have always done...God is will be fine.

7:36 PM  

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