Saturday, March 08, 2008

One Pastor's Influence

Pastor Dave Mitchell, who recently retired after many years of pastoring a Grace Brethren church in Hawaii, sent along the following testimony upon hearing of the February 28 death of longtime Grace Brethren pastor Robert E.A. Miller.

I was nine years old in 1952, and after hearing a message from Pastor Miller, I felt the need to accept Christ as Savior.

I hestitated and all week was most miserable. The next Sunday after the message was preached, Pastor Miller came forward to give an invitation but before he could do so I ran up front to where he was.

"What are you up here for David?"

"I want to be saved."

Because of this occasion I have always considered Pastor Miller my "spiritual father." I have thanked him over the years for being there for me as a child and leading me to Christ. I will thank him again someday when we meet in heaven.


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