Thursday, July 19, 2007

SOA (jr) Arriving in Inboxes

The latest issue of SOA (jr), the electronic AGBM newsletter from President Joel Richards, should by now have arrived in your inbox. Here is a quick summary:

I hope you received our latest publication. It was packed full of helpful information. Since Equip 07 is just around the corner I'm sending one more e-mail with the latest in reminders. I look forward to our time together in Winona Lake. If you are unable to attend Equip you will be missed and in our prayers. I hope all is well with you, your family and your ministry.

Joel Richards
AGBM President

Only A Few Days Away
It is only a matter of days before we join together in Winona Lake for our 2007 conference.

The agenda is full.
Ø Classes to experience.
Ø Opportunity to see what God has been doing through our national ministries
Ø The dedication of the new Orthopedic center
Ø Getting re-acquainted with old friends. Meeting new friends
Ø National Business
Ø Lots of fellowship, especially around food
It will be a great week. Continue to pray for the final details, for safe travel for all who will be attending and a week of real spiritual renewal.


Pray for the Executive Committee. They will be meeting at noon on Saturday, July 28.
Pray for the meeting involving the new Board of Directors. They will be meeting Saturday evening, July 28.
Join us on Sunday, July 29, at 4:00 PM for our only meeting this year. We will meet at Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. We will handle memorials, new business, meeting new members, pastoral recognitions and more. This is your organization. Your presence is both appreciated and important.


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