Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ministering to the Amish

Are there any Amish in your community? If so, this website focusing on ministry to the Amish may be of interest. To learn more, click on

Threefold Purpose of Mission to Amish People

-To Evangelize Amish People. To reach the Amish people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with Mark 16:15. This is being done through personal witness, home Bible studies, weekly home support meetings, the SonLight Club; and the Tape/CD Ministry. The MAP Ministry also offers counseling and protection to those who are victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse.

-To assist older teenagers and young adults attempting major life transitions as they leave the Amish culture and enter an American lifestyle by providing basic Life Skills such as:

-communicating with English as a second language,
-driving lessons for obtaining a vehicle operator's license,
-learning new cultural norms, expectations and social practices,
-applying for a Social Security card, completing employment applications,
-studying for high school GED testing, considering higher educational levels,
-preparing for job interviews, finding a residence, acquiring home furnishings,
-opening bank accounts and understanding practical financial management practices.

-Expand Mission to Amish People (MAP) all over North America: Since MAP's existence in February 2000, the founders have traveled throughout the United States presenting the ministry to local churches and people. The goal of MAP is to pass the burden on to others so that they, too, can help reach the more than 250,000 Amish people throughout North America.


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