Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update on Lanham Van Accident Victims

Pastor Paul Mutchler of the Lanham (MD) Grace Brethren Church sends along the following update on the victims of the recent van crash in Orlando:

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragements.

LCS fourth senior, Jason Coleman, has returned to school this week with two arms in casts. Our fifth senior, Megan Matthews, remains at home with fractured vertebrae, still healing and hoping to be able to walk enough for graduation on June 2.

Ms. Veronica Coleman is progressing remarkably! Her physicians, who originally said it was a “miracle” that she lived, have now also said it is a “miracle” that there appears to be no brain damage!

They have rebuilt her skull, and performed first of many facial reconstructions. She cannot talk, due to a trach, but is able to write and is now in charge of her own medical decisions. There is hope that she can be dismissed from Melbourne soon, and transferred to a hospital in the DC area…her church and family support group is here. Thank you for continued prayer.

Because He Lives, Pastor Paul


Blogger Dan Jackson said...

We thank God for answered prayer, and appreciate being kept up to date for that purpose. May Christ continue to build His church in Lanham, MD!

Dan and Rachel Jackson

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Joan Justiniano said...

Thank you for keeping us updated, and praise the Lord for His mercies and answers to prayer! We will continue to pray as we rejoice over this good news and share it with the kids at Christian Academy in Japan who have also been praying.

7:12 PM  

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