Thursday, April 19, 2007

Elizabeth Pierce Update

From Danny Wright's blog:

Elizabeth is the daughter-in-law of Daniel Pierce (founding pastor and current outreach pastor of our church, Greenville, OH, Grace Brethren Church). It was discovered today that Elizabeth has a brain tumor (glioma) in her frontal lobe.

Doctors tell the family this is the easiest place for a tumor to be removed. The family has decided to seek treatment at Duke University. This is advantageous because:

1. Duke has more experience in Elizabeth's condition than the Atlanta hospital (though the Atlanta facility appeared to be top notch as well).

2. Teressa's family lives in the Durham area, making family support even more possible.

Elizabeth has a consultation with a doctor Thursday and should get more details about surgery at that time.This news comes just two weeks after Elizabeth gave birth to her first child, William Anderson Pierce.

Please pray for the Dan (Daniel's son), Elizabeth, William, Daniel, Teressa and the rest of the family involved.


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