Friday, April 13, 2007

Updates on Pierce Family, Dan Grabill

The following is taken from an e-mail update this morning from Ned Denlinger, coordinator of the Tri-State District Fellowship:

I called Daniel Pierce Thursday afternoon. He is still in Murphy, North Carolina, with his son Dan, and Dan's wife, Elizabeth. Daniel told me that Elizabeth's tumor is on the frontal lobe and is about the size of a lemon.

The neurosurgeons tell them that the brain can produce this type of tumor, and if it's detected in young children, it can often be successfully removed, and sometimes it doesn't reoccur.

In the situation of a young adult like Elizabeth, they can go in and remove it, but the tumors are usually pretty aggressive. At this point, they do not know if it is malignant, or what level (1 through 4) it is. They won't know this until after the labs from the surgery.

Surgery is scheduled in Atlanta on Tuesday. They are continuing to network the medical community, seeking the best neurosurgeon in the country. If they find what they think is a better surgeon, and they schedule with him/her, then the Tuesday date would obviously change.

I also received this from Dan Grabill, as he's going through chemo treatments at this time:

"You can share the news that my recent CT scan revealed that the abdominal tumor is completely gone. The doctor was amazed. I will be completing the six rounds of chemo. After that final tests to confirm that all the cancer is gone from bone marrow and lungs."

Please continue to pray for these families.


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