Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gary Austin Surgery Scheduled for Thursday

This note from Jean Austin, wife of Pastor Gary Austin of the Grace Brethren Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, tells of an operation that Gary was scheduled to have today (Thursday):

It has been a while since you have received an update from us on Gary's health and it is because he was hospitalized on Sunday, March 25 with a fever of 103 and abdominal pain.

It was discovered after much testing that he has a perforated colon probably caused by the radiation. He has been "marinated" with antibiotics and pain medication. The fever is gone, but there is still evidence of the hole in the colon.

This morning they gave him the first fluids he has had since Sunday. The doctor told him at 9 am that perhaps he could go home tomorrow. He called me with the news. I talked with him at noon and he said that he was bloated, which indicated that the hole was not healed.

The doctor returned late this afternoon with the news that he would need a temporary colostomy. So tomorrow (Thursday) he will have laparoscopic surgery to accomplish that.

Our friends Howard and June Immel were with us on Sunday and took us to Iowa City to the Emergency Room. They will be with us through the surgery as well. We do so much appreciate their friendship and the fact that they are near enough to help us in this time of need.

Monday afternoon about 3 pm, seven of our prayer warriors arrived. Mark and Julie and the kids, came into the hospital room. We were so happy and surprised. We loved them so much for coming.

God is using this experience to conform us to the image of His dear Son. He showed us Psalm 57:7-11 in the Emergency Room on Sunday night. We just want to praise Him for His unfailing love and faithfulness.

Thanks again for all your prayers. They are what is keeping us going these days. God bless all of you.


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