Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gary Austin Update on Treatment, Ministry

Gary Austin, pastor of the Grace Brethren Church of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is currently in treatment for colorectal cancer. Here are some excerpts from his most recent update.

Well, I have passed the "half-way point" of radiation/chemo treatments! Today was #15 of 28 total scheduled.

Yes, I'm feeling the effects. Let's just say the newness has worn off and I'm ready to press on to something else. I guess that's where the real need for prayer is right now--to hang in there through the process.

I've been continuing to preach on Sundays and have at least one Bible study during the week. Last weekend there were two church business meetings and we got a hospital visit in as well. I was done for the rest of the day.

For some reason I was ready to leave early this morning for Iowa City so I took off rather than wait around. Of course I had to wait for 15 minutes or so. During that time another man, who I had talked with yesterday, came into the waiting area.

We got to talking about different things--he told me about his barn that he had remodeled to host dance parties. Then he made the statement, "I wonder what it's like to die? I mean, what's beyond death?"

Talk about opening up an opportunity to talk about life, death, and beyond! We only had about five minutes for that conversation but he was very responsive to what God's Word says. I guess there was a reason for me to get there early today!

Thank you for your continuing prayers.


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