Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yauger Lymphoma Treatments Begin Today

Your prayers are requested for Rich Yauger, youth pastor at Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana (Jim Brown, pastor).

According to information from the FGBC office, Rich was recent diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and begins treatment today. Rich and Carol are expecting their first child in two weeks. The photo is of the Goshen church leaders praying for Rich and his treatment.

The following biographical information on Rich is taken from the Goshen church website--it will give you more insight into Rich and his ministry.

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? I'm a Coke man.

When did you except Christ into your life, and how has it impacted your life? I was 5 years old when Bessie Ferrie led me to Jesus. I'm not sure where I'd be if Jesus were not a part of my life, but I certainly would not want to find out. He has helped me through life, brought me back to the right path when I've strayed, and has been my constant source of strength, hope, and peace.

Would you rather eat a Big Mac or a Whopper? I usually go to both places and combine the two sandwiches in to something I like to call the "Big Whopper." Nothing like 150 grams of fat and 2000 calories to start your day.

Among your friends, who could you arm wrestle and beat? All of them. I like to surround myself with weaker people to make me feel strong. :)

Do you ask for directions when you are lost? I've never been lost ... I've been a bit confused for an hour or two, but never lost.

Tell us about your family? I've been married to my lovely wife Carol for four years. She is my life. We are expecting our first baby on April 30th and are both very excited. We are 100% sure that it will be either a boy or a girl. We also have an English Mastiff named Yalom and two cats: Chappy and Paco.

If you could invite any athlete to your home for dinner, who would it be? Jerome Bettis ... but you better believe we're going out and he's buying.

What is your vision for Grace Community Church? To be used by God to bring adults, teenagers, and children to Jesus Christ and to see them grow in a personal relationship with Him. My specific passion for the students of Grace Community and our town is that our youth ministry will be the high light of their week because they come and walk away with a clear picture of who God is.

What is your favorite childhood memory? My first tackle in a football scrimmage game in high school. I made the tackle (a very good one, by the way) and then got up, jumped up and down, and started yelling at the guy I just tackled. If I'm not mistaken, it was the only tackle I made all year, so I'm glad I made the most of it. :)

What is your all time favorite song? Seasons by Nichole Nordeman


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