Thursday, January 04, 2007

Planning Your Preaching -- Input Sought

Dr. Ray Prichard would like to have your input:

Planning Your Preaching--Survey

Next week I'm one of the speakers at a conference on Planning Your Preaching sponsored by the Olford Center for Biblical Preaching in Memphis. It occurred to me that this is a vital topic that pastors rarely talk about. So I thought I'd ask for some help from readers of this weblog.

These questions are primarily for preachers, but I'll be happy to have comments on this topic from those who listen as well as those who preach.

1) How far in advance do you plan your preaching?

2) What factors do you consider when setting up your preaching calendar?

3) What is the longest sermon series you've ever preached?

4) What value do you see in planning your preaching?

5) What input do you get from others in planning your preaching?

6) Describe your preaching plan for 2007.

Thanks in advance. Answer briefly or in detail. Whatever works for you will be a great help to me.

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