Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Norwalk Pastor Recovering From Appendectomy

An e-mail from Amber Ayer, wife of Norwalk, CA, pastor Wayne Ayer (shown here with his family) details this prayer request:

Wayne is recovering from an unscheduled Laparoscopic Appendectomy that he had done on Friday. The timing could not have been worse, but then again, God's timing IS perfect.

On Saturday he had another CAT scan done on his hip bone because while performing the appendix surgery they saw some shadows on and around his hip bone. For 24 hours we were faced to face with the unknown and just waiting out the Lord's will to be done.

Sunday afternoon, with the help of a doctors art work on a white board, we learned that all is well and those shadows are just benign cartridge and that Wayne was homeward bound on Christmas Eve. PTL!

I am truly grateful for all of the prayers, phone calls, cards, gifts, and our children being cared for and loved on during this time! The LOVE shown to our family is so overwhelming and we are so blessed by the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord and Savior!

This morning has been a little rough as Wayne is sick from his medications, being uncomfortable, and not being able to rest as we thought he would be able to here at home with the demands of the small babies.

So we ask for recovery prayers for him as well as the rest of us. His recovery time is 1-2 weeks long....and that is going to be tough for Wayne not to be allowed to be on go, go, go and preach, preach, preach. Our whole family is going to need prayer.


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