Friday, October 01, 2010

Hawaii's Frank Figueroa Recommended for Ordination

Note from the Wapio Grace Brethren Church in Mililani, Hawaii, regarding Pastor Frank Figueroa, Jr.:

Aloha, I'm Steve Butler, the Head Deacon of the Waipio Grace Brethren Church in Mililani, Hawaii. Good news, I've been forwarded an email From Ted Kirnbauer, Pastor of Grace Fellowship and the head of the Hawaii Ordination Board. In it he states that Pastor Frank's Board Examination results was unanimous in his favor and offered congratulations.

On behalf of the Deacon Board and congregation of the Waipio Grace Brethren Church I thank you for all your Aloha (love and concern) that you have showed to our Pastor and to our congregation. Please let me know how I can be of further service. Thank you once again, Steve

Steven C. Butler
Head Deacon
Waipio Grace Brethren Church


Anonymous Crazyfox65 said...

Praise the Lord.....Couldn't happen to a greater pastor and friend and "son"...

9:50 PM  

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